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[audio]Talk Nation Radio special, an hour with David Swanson, on Mobilizing for Peace and Forming a More Perfect Union - Dori Smith
An Hour with David Swanson on Mobilizing for Peace and to Form a More Perfect Union October 3rd, 2009 Talk Nation Radio Special An Hour with David Swanson on Mobilizing for Peace and to Form a More Perfect Union David Swanson is author of the new book, Daybreak, Undoing the Imperial Presidency and forming a More Perfect Union, from Seven Stories Press. David Swanson is the co-founder of After Downing Street, a coalition that formed after discovery of key documents on the British role in planning...
Keywords: David Swanson; Daybreak
Downloads: 71
[movies]David Swanson Portland 1.6.10 - Joe Anybody
On his book tour David Swanson speaks at Powells Book Store in Portland Oregon.
Keywords: David Swanson; Joe Anybody
Downloads: 141
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Hidden History of the War on Iraq and Its Oil - David Swanson
Greg Muttitt, visiting from the U.K., is the author of a new book on Iraq that is making a lot of news. It's called Fuel on the Fire: Oil and Politics in Occupied Iraq. Noami Klein calls Muttitt's book "nothing short of a secret history of the war." Muttitt uncovers new and authoritative evidence that the war was, from initial conception through to the current day, driven by interest in oil. And he tells a story of successful nonviolent resistance in Iraq, led by the oil workers, that has preven...
Keywords: Greg Muttitt; David Swanson
Downloads: 116
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Erica Chenoweth on the Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict - David Swanson
Erica Chenoweth is co-author with Maria J. Stephan of "Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict." Their research finds that nonviolent action works against tyrannical rule with a higher success rate than violence and with longer-lasting results. Their book has received the 2013 Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order, as well as the 2012 Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award, which the American Political Science Association gives annually to the best book on gove...
Keywords: Erica Chenoweth; David Swanson
Downloads: 98
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Glen Ford on Black and Progressive Activism in the Obama Era - David Swanson
Glen Ford of discusses what the Obama presidency has meant for black society, black activism, and progressive activism in the United States.
Keywords: Glen Ford; David Swanson
Downloads: 110
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: William Blum on America's Deadliest Export: Democracy - David Swanson
William Blum discusses militarism, politics, and his new book "America's Deadliest Export: Democracy: The Truth About U.S. Foreign Policy and Everything Else."
Keywords: William Blum; David Swanson
Downloads: 340
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Gar Smith on Nuclear Roulette - David Swanson
Gar Smith discusses his new book, Nuclear Roulette: The Truth About the Most Dangerous Energy Source on Earth, which has a foreword by Jerry Mander and Ernest Callenbach. Gar Smith is editor emeritus of Earth Island Journal, a Project Censored award-winning investigative journalist, and cofounder of Environmentalists Against War.
Keywords: Gar Smith; David Swanson; nuclear
Downloads: 110
[movies]David Swanson on Impeachment - Eric Herter
David Swanson, co-founder of the highly active pro-impeachment organization, speaks to an enthusiastic audience in Portland, Maine, on April 28, 2007 -- National Impeachment Day.
Keywords: impeachment; David Swanson;
Downloads: 1,026
[audio]Coleen Rowley's Top Ten Ways to Be a Good Citizen - David Swanson
Coleen Rowley provides her top 10 ways to be a good citizen. Coleen Rowley was Chief Division Counsel in the FBI's Minneapolis office who exposed pre-911 failings and testified to Congress. Her memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller in connection with the Joint Intelligence Committee's Inquiry led to a two year long Department of Justice Inspector General investigation. Rowley was one of three whistleblowers chosen as persons of the year by TIME magazine...
Keywords: Coleen Rowley; David Swanson; activism
Downloads: 153
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: The Crisis in Mali and How to Stop Contributing to It - David Swanson
Ana Edwards is the host of Defenders Live on WRIR in Richmond, Va.  Edwards tells us what we should know about Mali, the crisis there, the causes of it, what the Pentagon should stop doing, and what the people of Richmond are doing to help.
Keywords: Ana Edwards; David Swanson; Mali
Downloads: 37
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: The War on Whistleblowers With Thomas Drake and Jesselyn Radack - David Swanson
Jesselyn Radack and Thomas Drake discuss their experiences as government whistleblowers, the retribution they've endured, and the currently worsening pattern of secrecy, intimidation, and persecution of whistleblowers in Washington, D.C.
Keywords: Jesselyn Radack; Thomas Drake; David Swanson; whistleblower
Downloads: 117
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: How Drones Appear from the Receiving End - David Swanson
Rafia Zakaria, a Pakistani-American writer, reports on how drones look from thousands of miles away from the desks at which they are "piloted." Zakaria is a columnist for the English-language Pakistani newspaper Dawn, a blogger for Ms. Magazine and for Human Rights Now, and a director for Amnesty International USA. Drones will not look the same to you after listening to her.
Keywords: Rafia Zakaria; David Swanson; drones; Pakistan
Downloads: 160
[audio]David Swanson - War is a Lie 1/10/11 - tonelada
David Swanson. Debra Sweet and Andy Worthington on Swanson's book: "War is a Lie" Recorded in Baltimore MD 1/10/11
Keywords: David Swanson; War is a Lie
Downloads: 46
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: An Israeli General's Son Meets Palestinians, Reverses His Beliefs - David Swanson
What happens when an Israeli from a Zionist military family meets Palestinians and hears their side of the story? Miko Peled was brought around to researching the history of Israel and of his own family. His grandfather signed Israel's Declaration of Independence. His father was a general in the war of 1967. His neice was killed in a suicide attack in Jersalem. He has come to see the story of Israel as virtually the reverse of what he had believed...
Keywords: Miko Peled; David Swanson; Israel; Palestine
Downloads: 127
[movies]Talk Nation Radio: Nick Turse: Kill Everything That MovesTalknationradio 20130227 - David Swanson
Nick Turse discusses his new book, Kill Everything That Moves, and new evidence of the crimes that constituted the war on Vietnam.
Keywords: Nick Turse; David Swanson; Vietnam; war; peace
Downloads: 50
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Clinical Psychologist Bruce Levine Says U.S. Citizenry Particularly Inactive - David Swanson
Clinical psychologist Bruce Levine says the U.S. public is particularly inactive. Levine explains how we got this way, and how we might be cured. Levine is the author of Get Up, Stand Up: Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite. He also contributed a chapter to The Military Industrial Complex at 50. Levine's website is
Keywords: David Swanson; Bruce Levine; Activism; Psychology
Downloads: 134
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Sam Pizzigati: What Serious Progressive Taxes Would Look Like - David Swanson
Sam Pizzigati provides perspective on what serious progressive taxation (and labor organizing and populist activism) would look like via the lessons of his new book "The Rich Don't Always Win: The Forgotten Triumph Over Plutocracy That Created the American Middle Class, 1900-1970." Pizzigati is an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and editor of
Keywords: taxation; labor; plutocracy; Sam Pizzigati; David Swanson
Downloads: 99
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Slow Democracy Is Better Democracy - David Swanson
Susan Clark discusses her new book, authored with Woden Teachout, "Slow Democracy: Rediscovering Community, Bringing Decision Making Back Home." It's a rich and persuasive argument against centralization and privatization, and for the advantages of local democracy with real powers of self governance.
Keywords: Susan Clark; David Swanson; Slow Democracy
Downloads: 63
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Reese Erlich on Bahrain and Syria - David Swanson
Bahrain and Syria: in one the United States supports a brutal dictatorship against a nonviolent movement for human rights. In the other the United States supports violent opposition to the government in the name of human rights. All is not as it appears. We speak with Reese Erlich. Reese Erlich's history in journalism goes back 45 years. He first worked as a staff writer and research editor for Ramparts, an investigative reporting magazine published in San Francisco from 1963 to 1975...
Keywords: Reese Erlich; David Swanson; Syria; Bahrain; Egypt
Downloads: 52
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: How Did NATO Go Global? - David Swanson
How did NATO eveolve from a regional and theoretically defensive institution into a global and aggressive power? We speak with Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, author of the new book "The Globalization of NATO."
Keywords: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya; NATO; David Swanson
Downloads: 103
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Leah Bolger on the Upcoming National Convention of Veterans For Peace - David Swanson
Leah Bolger is the current, and the first female, president of Veterans For Peace, which is holding a national convention in Miami, Fla., August 8-12, 2012. The event is open to the public and speakers include Alice Walker, Phil Donahue, Roy Bourgeois, Marleine Bastien, and many others. Bolger explains the work of Veterans For Peace and its dedication to eliminating war. See
Keywords: David Swanson; Leah Bolger; Veterans For Peace
Downloads: 50
[movies]Talk Nation Radio: "I Killed People in Afghanistan: Was I Right or Wrong?" - David Swanson
Tim Kudo is a U.S. Marine who has participated in the war on Afghanistan. He's authored these columns: Washington Post: I Killed People in Afghanistan. Was I Right or Wrong? Washington Post: How the Marines Video Made the Afghan War Even Tougher New York Times: On War and Redemption Kudo discusses the morality of war with, and disagrees with, host David Swanson.
Keywords: afghanistan; tim kudo; david swanson; peace; war
Downloads: 35
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Stephen M. Kohn on Our Government's Attacks on Whistleblowers - David Swanson
Stephen M. Kohn of the National Whistleblowers Center says that for national security whistleblowers, Obama's presidency has been "a disaster." Kohn, the author of eight books on whistleblower law, represents Sibel Edmonds, an FBI whistleblower and the author of the just-released Classified Woman. Edmonds submitted her book to the FBI for censorship, and the FBI failed to identify anything that she could not print, but also refused to approve of the book...
Keywords: Stephen Kohn; David Swanson; Sibel Edmonds; Whistleblowers
Downloads: 281
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Comedy as Political Force - David Swanson
Lee Camp is a comedian / political commentator / online video ranter extraordinaire. In the edition of Talk Nation Radio, we sample his rants and discuss with him the development and political value of his medium. For more see
Keywords: Lee Camp; David Swanson; comedy; politics
Downloads: 101
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Richard Wolff on Putting Workers in Charge at Work - David Swanson
Richard Wolff is a professor of economics emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the author of Democracy at Work.  See
Keywords: Richard Wolff; Democracy at Work; David Swanson
Downloads: 73
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Roy Hange on Struggle for Peace in Syria and Iran - David Swanson
Roy Hange is a Mennonite pastor in Charlottesville, Va., who has spent 30 years studying Western Asia (the Middle East). He has lived for 3 years in Egypt, 6 in Syria, and 1 in Iran. Hange has taught peace building at Eastern Mennonite University and the University of Virginia. Hange discusses prospects for peace in Syria and Iran.
Keywords: Roy Hange; David Swanson; Syria; Iran; Peace
Downloads: 110
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Shahid Buttar on Spying, Detention, Torture, and Zero Dark Thirty - David Swanson
Shahid Buttar is the executive director the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and the Peopleâs Campaign for the Constitution which works to defend civil liberties, constitutional rights, and rule of law principles threatened within the United States by law enforcement and intelligence agencies. He is a constitutional lawyer, grassroots organizer, independent columnist, musician, and poet. He discusses President Obama's signing of two new pieces of legislation permitting warrantless spying and in...
Keywords: shahid buttar; david swanson; torture; spying; rendition; detention
Downloads: 434
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: David Hartsough on Peace Work - David Swanson
David Hartsough has been a peace activist since the 1950s, a conscientious objector, a civil disobedient, arrested over 100 times. In 2002 he cofounded the Nonviolent Peace Force ( Hartsough is the executive director of Peace Workers ( He discusses the current status of war and peace in our culture.
Keywords: David Hartsough; David Swanson; peace; war; peace work; peace workers
Downloads: 104
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Wenonah Hauter on Foodopoly - David Swanson
Wenonah Hauter is the executive director of Food and Water Watch and the author of Foodopoly.  She discusses the 20 companies that make our processed food -- and the 2 companies, both foreign, that make our beer (despite the hundreds of brands all pretending a diversity of origins and owners).  Hauter tells a story of how we got here and how we can get out of here.
Keywords: Foodopoly; food and water watch; wenonah hauter; david swanson
Downloads: 23
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Sandy Davies on War, Weapons, and Obama - David Swanson
Nicolas "Sandy" Davies discusses Iraq, Afghanistan, war profiteering, and the militarism of President Barack Obama. Davies is the author of "Blood on Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq." Davies is a writer for Z Magazine and a blogger at
Keywords: Sandy Davies; David Swanson; Afghanistan; Iraq; War; War Profiteering; Obama
Downloads: 11
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Sandy Davies on War, Weapons, and Obama - David Swanson
Nicolas "Sandy" Davies discusses Iraq, Afghanistan, war profiteering, and the militarism of President Barack Obama. Davies is the author of "Blood on Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq." Davies is a writer for Z Magazine and a blogger at
Keywords: Sandy Davies; David Swanson; Afghanistan; Iraq; War; War Profiteering; Obama
Downloads: 11
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Michael McPhearson and Michael Eisenscher on Jobs Not Wars - David Swanson
A coalition of groups has launched a new campaign at Talk Nation Radio speaks with national coordinator of U.S. Labor Against the War Michael Eisenscher and national coordinator of United for Peace and Justice Michael McPhearson, who is also a board member of Veterans For Peace.
Keywords: Michael McPhearson; Michael Eisenscher; Jobs Not Wars; David Swanson
Downloads: 63
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Marcy Wheeler: Brennan Is Obama's Cheney - David Swanson
Marcy Wheeler blogs as Emptywheel at She says John Brennan, the nominee for CIA director, has been Obama's Dick Cheney, operating outside the law, lying about bin Laden, and lying about drones; the White House has killed an American for his speech; the CIA has stopped lying to Congress only by starting to tell Congress nothing at all; Senator Diane Feinstein is complicit in the drone kill program; Congress has asked President Obama 10 times for a legal basis for the drone kill pr...
Keywords: Marcy Wheeler; David Swanson; John Brennan; Aaron Swartz; drones; CIA
Downloads: 58
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: U.S. Poverty Is Expanding and Worsening - David Swanson
Poverty in the United States is surrounded by myths and misunderstanding. Poverty is expanding, and extreme poverty is expanding. The social safety net is retracting. Congress has just slashed food stamps. But corporate media coverage that misleads us on the nature and causes of poverty is neither expanding nor improving. Karen Dolan is a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and coordinator of the Economic Hardship Reporting Project...
Keywords: Karen Dolan; David Swanson; economic hardship; poverty; media
Downloads: 108
[movies]Talk Nation Radio: Norman Solomon on Iraq War Lies and New Online Activism - David Swanson
Norman Solomon discusses his recent debate with former Secretary of State Colin Powell's chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson on the lies that took the United States into war 10 years ago, as well as Solomon's cofounding of online activist force
Keywords: Norman Solomon; David Swanson; Lawrence Wilkerson; Colin Powell; Iraq war
Downloads: 45
[movies]This Issue: David Swanson - Eric Herter
David Swanson, author of "Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency," is interviewed by Bruce Gagnon, Nov. 2009. More information at
Keywords: Daybreak; David Swanson; empire; presidency; democracy; Bruce Gagnon
Downloads: 85
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Kucinich Says Failure to Impeach Bush Has Allowed Obama to Intensify Bush's Policies - David Swanson
Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who led failed efforts to impeach then President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney, says that failure to hold them accountable has allowed the continuation and intensification of their war policies under President Obama. Kucinich believes that, more than anything else, a truth and reconcilation process is needed.
Keywords: Dennis Kucinich; David Swanson; Bush; Impeachment; Obama; War; Peace
Downloads: 131
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Rebecca Vilkomerson on Jewish Voice for Peace - David Swanson
Rebecca Vilkomerson is the executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace. She discusses Jewish-American opposition to the Israeli government's policies of war and occupation. Vilkomerson has over 15 years of experience in community organizing, advocacy, program development and fundraising in the United States and Israel. She has been an active member of JVP since 2002, and lived in Israel with her family from 2006-2009...
Keywords: rebecca vilkomerson; david swanson; jewish voice for peace; israel; palestine
Downloads: 174
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Contempt, Congress, and Elizabeth Holtzman on How to Prosecute George W. Bush - David Swanson
The political parties in Washington, D.C., have switched sides for the moment. Now the Democrats accept presidential power abuses, while the Republicans are outraged, selectively, by a few of them. Host David Swanson gives his thoughts. Guest Elizabeth Holtzman discusses the possibility of creating a climate of accountability by prosecuting George W. Bush. Holtzman was a member of Congress and of the House Judiciary Committee that voted for articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon...
Keywords: Elizabeth Holtzman; David Swanson; Bush; Cheney; Prosecution; Congress; Contempt
Downloads: 309
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Stephen Zunes on Kerry, Hagel, Brennan, and Obama Part II - David Swanson
Stephen Zunes is a Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco, where he chairs the program in Middle Eastern Studies. Recognized as one the countryâs leading scholars of U.S. Middle East policy and of strategic nonviolent action, Professor Zunes discusses the nominations of John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, and John Brennan, and the direction charted for the second term of Obama's presidency.
Keywords: Stephen Zunes; David Swanson; Chuck Hagel; John Kerry; John Brennan
Downloads: 30
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Chase Madar on the Passion of Bradley Manning - David Swanson
Chase Madar discusses his new book "The Passion of Bradley Manning: The Story of the Suspect Behind the Largest Security Breach in U.S. History." Madar is a civil rights attorney. He writes for the London Review of Books, Le Monde diplomatique, the American Conservative, CounterPunch, and TomDispatch. He discusses with host David Swanson the voluminous information that Manning is accused of providing to Wikileaks and to us, and some of the startling insights it gives us into what our supposedly ...
Keywords: Chase Madar; David Swanson; Bradley Manning; Wikileaks; Whistleblowers
Downloads: 209
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: War Tax Resistance - David Swanson
Ruth Benn explains the why and how of not paying taxes for war and war preparation. Benn is the Coordinator of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC), a position she has held since 2003. She co-edited with Ed Hedemann the fourth and fifth editions of the book War Tax Resistance: A Guide to Withholding Your Support from the Military, published by the War Resisters League. Benn has a Masters in Education with a concentration in Peace Studies from the University of Massachu...
Keywords: Ruth Benn; David Swanson; War Tax Resistance; Peace
Downloads: 111
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Rocky Anderson on His Campaign for President - David Swanson
Rocky Anderson is the Justice Party candidate for U.S. president. He explains why he's running and what he thinks we need to do to get our country headed in a more just and peaceful direction. Rocky's website is
Keywords: Rocky Anderson; David Swanson; presidential election; justice party
Downloads: 157
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Robert Shetterly's Portraits of Americans Who Tell the Truth - David Swanson
Robert Shetterly is a painter who is producing a collection of portraits (currently 190 of them) of "Americans Who Tell the Truth."  He discusses the selection of subjects, and the reception the collection has been receiving around the country, the educational and activism possibilities.  For more see
Keywords: Robert Shetterly; Americans Who Tell the Truth; David Swanson
Downloads: 52
[audio]Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy on Bahrain, AIPAC, and Military Spending - David Swanson
Robert Naiman, just returned from Bahrain, discusses the popular uprising there, the upcoming conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and its push for war with Iran, and the prospects for reducing U.S. military spending.
Keywords: robert naiman; david swanson; bahrain; AIPAC; Israel; Iran; military; military spending
Downloads: 128
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Robert Pollin: There Is No Fiscal Crisis - David Swanson
There is no fiscal crisis. There is an unemployment crisis. And there is a solution: tax the banks. The support for this argument is explained by Robert Pollin, the co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. His latest book and papers discussed during the program are here:
Keywords: Robert Pollin; David Swanson; taxes; fiscal crisis; unemployment; banks; financial transaction tax
Downloads: 37
[audio]TomCast for May 10, 2010: Spin Class - TomDispatch
David Swanson gives us an insider's look into politics and the press.
Keywords: TomDispatch; TomCast; David Swanson; Timothy MacBain; Barack Obama; Afghanistan; Congress; war funding; taxes; media; activism
Downloads: 1,216
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Cindy Sheehan on the Venezuelan Constitution as a Model for the United States - David Swanson
Cindy Sheehan discusses the new Venezuelan Constitution as a model for reforming the U.S. Constitution in the direction of greater democratic and economic rights, as well as the politics of Hugo Chavez, and her new book, Revolution: A Love Story. Cindy Sheehan is a leading U.S. peace actvist, a gold star mother, an author, blogger, and radio host.
Keywords: Cindy Sheehan; David Swanson; Hugo Chavez; Venezuela; Constitution; Amending Constitution; democracy; revolution
Downloads: 199
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: How Young People Shut Down a Strip Mine in West Virginia and Why - David Swanson
Eva Westheimer was recently arrested for shutting down a strip mine in West Virginia, along with Radical Action for Mountain People's Survival ( ). Westheimer is a junior at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. She describes the recent action she took, the ongoing campaign, and what motivates her.
Keywords: Eva Westheimer; David Swanson; Mountaintop Removal; Strip Mining; West Virginia; coal
Downloads: 124
[audio]Talk Nation Radio: Robert Fantina on War and the Bravery of Deserters - david swanson
Robert Fantina discusses the courage of those who desert the military, including some 20,000 in the United States during the "global war on terra."  Fantina is the author ofDesertion and the American Soldier,Look Not Unto the Morrow, andEmpire, Racism, and Genocide: A History of U.S. Foreign Policy.He discusses all of these books on the program.
Keywords: war; peace; desertion; awol; conscientious objector; resister; robert fantina; david swanson
Downloads: 65
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